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Coolea – Evaporative Cooling

Coolea – Evaporative Cooling

Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation have recently entered into a new contract with the French based company Coolea. Coolea are now their sole supplier of all evaporative cooling products.

The company designs, manufactures and supplies innovative evaporative cooling solutions for any application where economical air cooling is required.

The most popular product purchased by Austin Broady is the  ADIABOX WF. This is the most efficient air cooler on the market today and is the only air cooler that is equipped with a programmable robot that allows you to:

  • submit every motor (ventilation/extraction/AHU/BMS) or servo-motor to the device
  • control the starting up of the heating
  •  control more than 100 ADIABOX with only one screen
  •  regulate by zone
  •  implement a monitoring system
  •  set up time slots

Austin Broady Air Conditioning have installed the ADIABOX in the following applications:

  • multipurpose rooms
  • warehouses
  • gyms
  • shops
  • big offices
  • schools
  • nursing homes
  • restaurants
  • printing shops
  • data centers
  • server rooms
  • farm-produced industry
  • electronic industry
  • textile
  • auto motives
  • laundries

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