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Austin Broady install Air Conditioning Systems in Threadneedle Street

Austin Broady install Air Conditioning Systems in Threadneedle Street

In June 2010 Austin Broady were asked to install air conditioning at a Watches of Switzerland store which is part of the Goldsmith Group. The store is based at the prestigious Royal Exchange, Threadneedle Street, London opposite the Bank of England.

Air Conditioning was required in three main areas:-

  • First Floor Consultation Room
  • Ground Floor Sales Floor
  • Basement Workshop Area

A supply and extract ventilation system was also required within the basement workshop area.

Two problems were encountered on this project:

  • The building was completely land locked so there was nowhere to position the condenser units which are normally positioned outdoors. Containing the compressor and the condensing coil, this is the most important element of an air conditioning system, so it is important that it is positioned correctly.


  • The refit program had a very tight deadline with works to be completed within a two week time period.Using units from the Toshiba range, Austin Broady Associates installed a combination of ceiling suspended and ducted units.
    In the Consultation Room, perimeter style air conditioning was installed behind shelving units. This was chosen for aesthetic reasons to blend in with the surrounding decor. A ducted system was incorporated on the ground floor sales area and a ceiling suspended system was fitted to the basement workshop area.
    The complete system is controlled by a central controller connected to a weekly timer.

To solve the problem of space limitation for the condenser units, the plant was fitted into a bulkhead within the first floor sales area and ducted to linear grilles at the shop front.
From start to finish the complete system was installed within two weeks. The refit program met all the required deadlines, partly due to the careful negotiation with other trade fitters.



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