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Green and Clean – Evaporative Cooling Cheshire

Evaporative cooling delivers the most efficient and environmentally friendly cooling system on the market – lowering energy consumption drastically compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

Evaporative Cooling Unit Cheshire

In today’s energy conscious environment, evaporative cooling offers a completely natural way of producing fresh, filtered and refreshing cool air.  Evaporative cooling units have been specifically designed for the cooling of industrial and commercial buildings – giving you an amazing 35kW of air cooling for every 1.5kW of electricity consumed.

What is Evaporative Cooling? – Save Energy and Money

When hot water evaporates there is a tremendous heat exchange, producing free latent energy into the atmosphere. Evaporative coolers take advantage of this released energy and use the evaporative heat as the water evaporates.

In an evaporative cooler, a pump circulates water from the reservoir on to a cooling pad, which in turn becomes very wet. A fan draws air from outside the unit through the moistened pad. As it passes through the pad the air is cooled by evaporation.

Operating costs are 90% less for an evaporative cooler over a traditional air conditioner. The traditional air conditioner uses energy intensive mechanical refrigeration, but evaporative heat exchanging is much more economical.

Evaporative cooling allows cool, fresh air to circulate throughout a building, forcing the stale hot air to be displaced. Whilst air-conditioning re-circulates air, evaporative coolers change it, giving you cleaner air.

The system cools the air before it is brought into the building – saving both energy and money.

Evaporative Cooling Systems – The Options

Evaporative Cooling Units on the side of a building - Cheshire

As with any air conditioning, evaporative cooling systems come in a range of incarnations, giving you ultimate flexibility. We install the perfect system to cool your building.

Where do you want your evaporative unit installed?

  • The most common configuration is a down discharge unit which is installed on the roof of the building.
  • Side discharge units can be set up on the side wall of the building.
  • Top discharge cooling can be used in combination with ducting at the base or the side of a building and mounted on gantries.
  • Suspended units can be installed internally. Air can then be used for spot cooling or diffused as part of a larger cooling scheme.

Choose Austin Broady For Evaporative Cooling – Full Installation & Total Support

Austin Broady supply the EcoCooling range of evaporative coolers – the only evaporative cooler designed specifically to take into account European health and safety regulations.

We will guide you through the entire process of installing an evaporative cooling system – from the initial survey to the after sales servicing.

We provide completion and safety certificates. Our support continues with a twice yearly service of your evaporative cooling system.

To see how evaporative cooling improved work conditions and productivity levels for some of our clients please view our Case Studies.

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