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Evaporative Cooler Service

DSCN1018Should you have problems with your evaporative cooler, Austin Broady offer evaporative cooling services on any make of unit. Our high quality service covers Cheshire, Manchester and across the North-West.

Once we discover the nature of your issue, the number of coolers, any additional cleaning, testing and documentation required, access requirements and location, we’ll provide you with a quote for our evaporative cooler service.

On arrival we’ll investigate your problem, make a diagnosis and when possible repair/replace the failed parts (our engineers carry spares) and carry out any other arranged work. Should repair not be possible we’ll advise you on the required parts and the cost of a return visit.

Our expert team can carry out the following evaporative cooling services:


Clean: your evaporative cooler unit thoroughly. Fly screens will be cleaned. We use only elbow grease, not chemical cleaners.

Check: the configuration of your unit’s parameters and dip switches to ensure the coolers are configured correctly and running at optimum efficiency according to local conditions and water quality.

Examine: all moving parts, including pumps, valves, solenoids, hoses and joints for malfunction and leakage.

Spare Parts:  will be recommended by our engineers who hold stocks for lots of manufacturers. The cost of any spare parts will be at the manufacturers recommended retail price.

DSCN0544Recommendations:  regarding improvements to the system and likely future repairs or replacements from our engineers, particularly pad replacements.

Secure Straps: can be installed to protect your unit against extreme weather conditions and/or to prevent unauthorised interference, depending on the type, age and situation of your cooler.

Technical Reports: are produced by our engineers that detail any servicing, maintenance and replacement of parts which has been carried out. We’ll also include any recommendations or observations before leaving your premises.

Legionella Risk Assessment: will be issued providing the servicing of your units has been carried out and there are no outstanding issues of concern. This is valid for one year and fulfils employers’ obligations in respect of Health and Safety Commission (HSC) Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) Legionnaires Disease.

Winter Service: to avoid any problems through frost damage we recommend that the coolers are drained down in autumn and all water services left isolated. This is also a good time to report on any spares, such as pads, that may be required for the following cooling season.

We’d be delighted to provide you with an individual quotation for our evaporative cooler service.

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