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Chestergates Referral Hospital

Air Conditioning for Hospital Scanner Room, Chester

Chestergates Referral Hospital is a state of the art veterinary referral and diagnostic imaging centre in Chester. The hospital strongly believes that access to MRI scanning is vital to neurology.

The hospital asked Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation to find a solution to providing cooling in the MRI scanning room with these very specific requirements:-

  • The temperature must be a constant 21oC – 23oC for 24 hours a day
  • There must be no more than 3 shifts in temperature in an hour
  • The humidity must be between 45%and 80% rh
  • It must be a ducted system attached to pre-existing grilles
  • A wall mounted system is not suitable
  • The air flow must not be directed over the magnets
  • There are two grilles in the ceiling, one for supply and one for return.

Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation specified a Mitsubishi ceiling concealed ducted fan coil unit that is designed specifically to operate at low noise levels with auto-restart, auto changeover and hot start to prevent draughts. The unit was supplied with a remote sensor to monitor the temperature of the return air and make alterations to the supply air as necessary.

The installation was designed in conjunction with the MRI Scanner equipment manufacturer.

As the hospital operates 7 days a week and 24 hours each day, the installation had to be carefully planned and adhered to, to avoid interrupting the scheduled appointments.

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