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Holistic Approach to Environment could help to Cool Urban Islands

Holistic Approach to Environment could help to Cool Urban Islands

    “Parliamentary land use committee called for at All-Party Group horticulture hearing”

    An all party committee is looking into Horticultural Land Use and how this could benefit the environment as well as industry.

    It appears that England does not have a clear land use strategy unlike other devolved countries and the benefits of horticulture on the environment and community is not being measured.

    The relevance of getting this information is that there is  compelling evidence that quality green spaces and activities within them:

    • Reduce the energy consumption of buildings, for example through careful landscape design (using hedges, tree shelter belts, green walls and roofs) reducing energy use by 30% in winter.

    • Provide city and individual building cooling – can negate the requirements for artificial air conditioning in UK e.g. provide approx. 4°C ‘cooling capacity’.

    • Removes particulate matter/aerial gaseous pollutants linked to pulmonary diseases.

    • Trap and retain excessive rainfall – reducing the incidence of urban flooding.

    • Stimulate economic opportunities:
    – Enhancement of property values,
    – Improve footfall for retail outlets,
    – New business opportunities – e.g. green wall companies.

    Horticulture should be part of city designs to reduce energy usage

    Considerations like these should form part of a wider view of how we manage energy losses and gains and not just going for the “sticking plaster” option every time


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