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Pollard Boxes

Evaporative Cooling for Mezzanine Floor Production Area, Leicester

Founded in 1969, Pollard Boxes are based in Enderby, Leicester. They specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative packaging for a variety of market sectors.

Due to their rapid expansion they have recently installed a new mezzanine floor above the production area, 3.5 meters below the ceiling level.

Unfortunately heat rising from the production area below has made the temperature in this area too warm and uncomfortable to work. Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation were asked to provide a solution. The capital and running costs of traditional air conditioning proved too expensive and so two possible evaporative cooling solutions were presented:-

  1. Roof mounted coolers – this wasn’t acceptable due to health and safety concerns. Access onto the roof was deemed to be dangerous.
  2. Top discharge coolers mounted on to the side of the building. This solution was chosen and subsequently installed in July 2013. Ductwork runs the length of the mezzanine ceiling area with ventilation grilles used to supply cooled air from the evaporative coolers. Directional nozzles are located above work stations to provide extra comfort to the mezzanine and production area.

Additional work at the site as part of HVAC works involved the relocation of Powrmatic gas heaters on the underside of the mezzanine floor.

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