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Evaporative cooling

Filtered and Refreshing Evaporative cooling

Our evaporative cooling air conditioning systems offer a completely natural way of producing fresh, filtered and refreshing cool air. Evaporative cooling units have been specifically designed for the cooling of industrial and commercial buildings – giving you an amazing 35kW of air cooling for every 1.5kW of electricity consumed.

At Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation we have over 20 years experience using the latest technology. The benefits of our evaporative cooling systems include:

  • Up to 80% more economical than conventional air conditioning
  • Ideal for cooling larger areas making it efficient and cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly – smaller carbon footprint and lower running costs
  • Productivity increases with cooler temperatures
  • Staff concentrate longer with less absenteeism

Austin Broady Air Conditioning and Ventilation offer the only evaporative cooler designed specifically to take into account European health and safety regulations. We even have mobile evaporative coolers available should you require a totally flexible air cooling solution.

To see how evaporative cooling improved work conditions and productivity levels for some of our clients please view our Case Studies.

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