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Design & Installation of next generation Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF System


July 2020

The Site:

Aspect Court is an office building that was purchased in 2018 by Sheffield Hallam University. Alterations and refurbishments commenced of existing an office block into a new teaching space.

The building spans over 7 storeys, with the floor plan covering a total of 700sqm. The previous air conditioning units were unreliable and costly, therefore the customer employed Austin Broady Associates to install a completely new air conditioning unit on both the 5th and 6th floor.


The Approach:

Work commenced in April 2020 where Austin Broady installed a brand-new Mitsubishi Electric Hybrid VRF system. Hybrid VRF is a unique 2-Pipe Heat Recovery System that replaces refrigerant with water between the Hybrid Branch Circuit Controller and the indoor units


This revolutionary design minimises the need for expensive and on-going leak detection servicing and is specifically designed for occupied spaces where quiet, energy efficient, simultaneous heating and cooling is valued.


The Result:

The customer was extremely pleased with the outcome of the project and will follow up with a media report. Overall, the building will now benefit from a low environmental impact and a revolutionary air conditioning system.

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